Placement Test - Grammar (10 mins)

GE, FCE, CAE, IELTS Academic, ETYL, J-Shine, TESOL

Andreo is a student at International House. He meets a friend, Greta, in the school garden.
Read their conversation. Some words have letters missing. Fill in each gap with the missing letters to make one word.

Question number 1.

Andreo i twenty years old. He lives in Switzerland. He is learning English.

Question number 2.

Hi, Greta, are you a student here?

No, I’m visiting m sister.

Question number 3.

D she work here?

No, she’s studying English here at International House.

Question number 4.

Oh, really. Is she enjoying the lessons?

Yes, but she n’t like the homework. She says it’s boring.

Question number 5.

Yes, but too much work is better t too little!